Thursday, May 24, 2012

Casteth Out

Think of a world without light.  How could we survive?  Think off all of the things light does.  It helps plants grow, gives us nutrients, helps us see, comforts us (mainly because we're all scared of the dark), gives warmth, and so many other things.  The uses for light are almost innumerable.  Of all the differences in the uses of light, there is one thing that remains constant.

The Apostle John explains this constant characteristic of light in John 1:5, which reads, "And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not."  The imagery that this scripture portrays is so awesome.  Wherever there is light, darkness cannot be.  In reality, darkness is merely just lack of light.  The minute light enters the picture, darkness is instantly vanquished.  No matter how hard the darkness tries to stay in the room, the light will run it away.

As we keep the Light of Christ in our hearts and in our minds, there will be no room for darkness or evil.  That is the best cure to feeling dull.  Brighten the light inside and cast out the darkness.  The more we fuel the light, the stronger it will be.  The stronger it is, the harder it will be for Satan to try to put out our light.  May we keep the Light of Christ burning brightly in our hearts.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's Day

Mother's Day is soon approaching.  The question that always comes up is, "What should I get my Mom for Mother's Day?"  But really, what is the best way to show our Moms how much we appreciate them?  There are so many ideas, but none of them will fully show/say all we want to.  But I'll give it a shot:

M - Made me things:  This ranged from food to a list of chores to do.  Either way, it made me a better person, and made me into who I am today.  Nothing compares to the nurture of a mother.

O - Others oriented:  She was never thinking about herself.    Never have I ever heard my mom talk about herself.  Her life was revolved around others, especially her family.  She juggled sport events, seminary, work, house chores, and tons more, and still made time to be Mom.  No ordinary woman could do that.

T - Teacher by actions:  She showed me what was truly important in life, not by her words, but by how she lived her life.  Actions truly do speak louder than words.

H - Humble: Again, my mom never talked about herself.  And never did she boast (except when it was about her kids).  But she never took the credit.  It was always about us kids.

E - Encouraging: She made sure all of her kids knew that she was their biggest fan.  She was always the first one to cheer for us, and was by far loudest one at our sports events.  Nothing could stop her from standing on the bleachers and cheering for her kids.

R - Real Friend: This was one of the most important things that she did for me.  More important than her making me food!  My mom was a real friend to me.  Not just a friend that I can hang out with, but one I can talk to.  One that I can ask advice for, share stories with, laugh with, and have petty arguments with.  She was definitely a real friend.

These are just six of the bazillion things that my Mom does for me.  I've only scratched the surface.  She's totally awesome.  Nothing I do or say will fully explain what she means to me.  Just one last thing to say: Happy Mother's Day!