Saturday, February 26, 2011

It's Always Worth it

So we had a pretty good snow storm the other day.  Me and a couple of Elders went out to shovel some walks/driveways.  My shovel wasnt my favorite.  It got stuck on every bump, crack or dip.  It was pretty frustrating.  But I knew that I was doing the right thing.  I had one more house left, and their walks. 

I kept having a conversation in my mind while I was shoveling.  Like two shoulder angels were arguing.  One kept saying, "You've done enough.  This last person can get their own driveway shovelled."  The other one responded with, "You've only got one left.  Just do it!"  Back and forth this was going on. 

Sometimes this is what life feels like.  It always seems like when we are doing the most good, the most opposition comes.  When we are trying to shovel others sidewalks, the sidewalk cracks get more and more persistent.  We can't let this get us down.  So back to the story.

I decide to go ahead and shovel the last houses walk despite the negative voice in the back of my mind.  I forgot about myself and my troubles, and just went to work.  It was by far the worst driveway I did.  While I was finishing up, the person living in this particular house came out and thanked me for doing this.  He said he was in a rush to get to work, and didnt have time to do it.  How grateful I was that I endured to the end. 

Life can be tough.  It can bring us down and wear us out.  But we must press on.  No matter how much opposition there is, we must continue doing that which we know is right.  My testimony of that increased today, thanks to a snow storm.  And how awesome will it be to have the Savior thank us for the work that we have done when we've finished.  It's always worth it.

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