Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Race: Part 2

This poem is so applicable to everyone's life.  There is not one person who doesn't have challenges or struggles in their life.  The message of never giving up speaks to each of us directly. 

All of the kids in the race were so full of hope, just as we were when we got the chance to come to Earth.  During our life, or race, we're bound to slip and fall.  It is inevitable.  Luckily, the race of life isn't based on how quickly you get through it.  The example of the little boy who got up each time he fell should motivate all of us to never give up.  He didn't lose the race at all.  The only way we lose is if we give up. 

Its not the number of times we fall that will shape who we are.  Its the number of times we get up after we fall.  Those are the times when we grow and learn the most.  Our character is tested each time we stumble, and it is built each time we get up. 

Once we cross that finish line, our Heavenly Father will be waiting for us with open arms.  We will hear the roar of the crowd in our behalf and will be forever grateful that we got up each time we fell. 

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