Saturday, June 23, 2012


As a missionary, we don't get too many choices on what colors to wear.  I could wear a black, gray or navy blue suit, but still it doesn't make too much of a difference.  There is, however, one article of clothing that gives us a little more variety.  They are ties.  Ties, to missionaries, are more than just a piece of fabric tied in a particular way around your neck.  Ties express you're mood for the day and, in essence, who you are.

Anyone that knows me well could tell you that my taste in ties is quite unique.  I like the short, fat, and ugly ties.  It's just my style.  We'll call them 'vintage' ties.  When someone sees a 'vintage' tie, they say to themselves, "That's totally something Elder Greco would wear."  I've just developed that kind of reputation.  Whether for good or for bad.

Our choices are a lot like our taste in ties.  We'll call them our life'style'.  Just like ties, our life'style' is one of the first things people see.  As they see more of our choices, we will develop a reputation, whether for good or for bad.  When someone sees our life'style', what will they say?  What will they compare it to?  If our life'style' isn't what we want people to see us as, then we can repent and change.  May we all live in a way that when people see our life'style', they will say with conviction, "That's totally something the Savior would do."

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